The all new children's book "Sandy Kay Stars In A Play!" tells the story about a kid and their first time being on stage! 

Written by Brian Adam Kline

Illustrated by Camila Vasconcelos

This book is for all ages.

The Story Behind the Story...

In early 2019, The Capitol Encore Academy Theatre & Film teacher Brian Adam Kline and Visual Arts teacher Mary Ward came together to work on a children's book about a kid who loves Theatre.  Brian would create and write the story based on the experiences his students had. Mary began designing the characters for the book. It was their dream.

In November, 2020 Mary passed away from Covid-19.  Brian was devastated by the loss of his great friend and wasn't sure if he could continue writing the book they planned.  Mary's husband asked Brian to finish the book in Mary's honor.

In early 2021, Camila Vasconcelos became the new Visual Arts teacher at The Capitol Encore Academy.   Brian and Camila became close friends and made it their mission to complete "Sandy Kay Stars In Play!"